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English antique furniture is more than a sum of its parts, but the parts are often varied and different so that the whole seems disconcertingly complex. There is a logic, of sorts, to English furniture, but there are also delightful eccentricities. I revel in them and will, for example, buy a great country piece as readily as a great high style piece, despite the obvious differences in decorative appeal. It is great furniture that appeals to me—it has to be special. I have been in this business in one form or another for thirty-nine years and there has never been a moment when I have wanted to do something else. Please browse, ask questions and, best of all, come and visit. I guarantee that you will find great beauty herein.

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One of the most intriguing country houses that I have visited is Claydon, located in Buckinghamshire, about forty miles from London. It is astounding because of the chinoiserie wood carving created by Luke Lightfoot who was the subject of a short biography in the annual Furniture History Society publication some years ago. Not that much is known about Lightfoot although one of the things he was thought to have done was taken Sir Edmund Verney, the owner of Claydon, for a substantial financial ride. Indeed, the family went ...Read More


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